Tiger: The Unofficial Official History of Singapore

How could Singapore's unofficial official beer stand out
during the nation's 50th birthday?
We made history by making up history.

First, We “leaked” a video of a local photo journalist discovering a old crate
in a abandon war bunker that is filled with historical evidences
and some 5o yr old tiger beers.
A bunch of local news channels reported this discovery.

Soon, we release 2 films that is from the historical stories in the “crate”.
that answers the locally most frequently asked questions in dinner table.
“Who created Chicken Rice?”  “How Kallang Wave started?”

We also created real evidences from the found crate, showcasing it in public.
Everyone in Singapore now knows more about their history and local Tiger beer.

Gold and Best in Show (Kallang Wave, TV & Cinema Commercial), Creative Circle Awards 2015.
Gold (Earned Media Campaign), Creative Circle Awards 2015.
Silver (Use of Brand Sponsorship), Creative Circle Awards 2015.
Bronze, APAC Effie Awards 2016.

Front-page feature in The Straits Times, Singapore's national newspaper.
Campaign Asia-Pacific's Best of 2015: The 10 Best APAC campaigns.
Campaign Asia-Pacific's Top 10 SG50 social campaigns.